Counting down to the Beavertown Extravaganza

It’s only a few days now until this event and I really am beside myself. SERIOUSLY. How do I prepare for such an epic event? Normally if I’m going out to a massive meal or buffet extravaganza I’ll wear elasticated trousers but for this event what’s a girl to do?

There’s going to be 60 breweries offering their delectable beers and although every single beer on the list won’t all be on the taps simultaneously over the two-day extravaganza, there’s still a lot to contemplate. It’s an ‘all-in’ ticket meaning that you’ll have the chance to cram in 100ml of each tasty beer which is awesome because there’s nothing worse than having to drink a shedload of something that tastes like crap. I’m sure I won’t taste any rubbish ones though…

Right, so that’s the small taster-sized samples ticked but what about a strategy for which bars to hit first? The last Beavertown event I went to was ‘Beaver For My Valentine’ and beers were running out left right and centre whilst I was queueing at the bars. This is the main reason for getting prepped as if I’m running a beer marathon. I’ve got the app, printed off the maps and the handy beer excel list – you can nab all these now from here.


Normally I just stroll up and enjoy but I’ve learned my lesson and I’m reminding myself: “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. I know this seems geeky but who the hell cares if I get to sip some of those kick ass beers on my wish list?! The beer list goes live on the app on Tuesday 5th Sep too. Woo-hoo!

My comfortable shoes are at the ready – the location is huge, have you seen it?! Last time I went to the Printworks was for Star Wars Secret Cinema and although this time I won’t be bartering my way to a ticket to Alderaan, I will certainly be busting a move to get some tasty ales that are on my ‘beer-lust-list’ in my glass before the day is out.

12 targets on my ‘beer-lust-list’

  • Lervig ‘Orange Velvet Milkshake IPA with Mango Mandarin and Lime’
  • Warpigs ‘Totally Fucking Entombed AD Bourbon Barrel Aged Imp. Stout’
  • Buxton x Omnipollo ‘Blueberry Slab Cake Ice Cream’
  • Brouwerij Kees ‘StrawberryFields Chocolate milkstout with strawberries and chocolate’
  • Modern Times ‘Devil’s Teeth Aged in Bourbon Barrels w/ Maple Smoked Pecans’ and Cocoa Nibs
  • Garage Project Two Tap Flat White’ – Two beers. A shot of Imp Coffee Stout topped with a velvety smooth nitro Milk Cream Ale
  • Loverbeer ‘LALE Barrel Aged Sour Ale with Cherries’
  • To Øl ‘Dangerously Close To Stupid Amounts Of Guava Imperial IPA w/ Guava’
  • Hawkshead ‘RAINBOW PROJECT Hawkshead + Modern Times Mojito Kettle-soured IPA’
  • Cellarmaker Brewing ‘Manhattan Barrel Vastness of Space Cocktail Barrel Aged Imperial Stout’
  • Brewski ‘Passionfeber IPA’
  • RAINBOW PROJECT Beavertown + Jester king ‘Rex Apiary Bier de Miel’

So that’s a sneaky look at a section of my beery targets and if you see me at the bar ask me about swag. Yes that’s right I’ll have badges! 😉

See you there beer buds.

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