My love for Lindy Bop

In December, I ordered a my first Lindy Bop haul, reasoning that I should at least give them a try. Here’s what happened….

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A Beery Trip – Boston & Portland

Back in June 2015 I was invited to take a trip to the home of Shipyard Brewing Company in Portland, Maine.

Thanks to Marston’s for giving me the honour of visiting their buddies over the pond and also giving me the opportunity to sample a small piece of Boston.

Here’s a handy tour diary of my travels.

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Visiting Sierra Nevada

I’m so enamoured with learning that I even visit breweries on my holidays. On my visit to California in April, I booked in a tour at Sierra Nevada Brewery.

Here’s my trip diary for your reading pleasure.

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About Me

This blog is about two things in particular that I love – Craft Beer and Pinup Style. Mark my words I’m no professional commentator on either subject but here’s my story.