Beer Travels – Havana

I’ve had a bit of a break from blogging – a lot has happened in my life over the last few months (I won’t go into all this now) and things overtook my writing time and time again. Well now I’m back and hopefully you’ll enjoy the new content I’ll be adding to this little corner of the internet. 

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to get my ass to a few places on a crazy jam-packed trip – one of these places was Havana. Though there are many problems with hunting down beer in Cuba; one being that there’s often beer designated for tourists (namely Cristal) and some more tastier beer which the locals love – this was the stuff I was trying to sniff out! Both Cristal and Buccanero weren’t really hitting the spot to say the least! Check out the reviews on Rate Beer if you need further evidence.

So, apart from sipping copious amounts of Havana Club what were the beer highlights?

Well, first up there was Plaza Vieja a Microbrewery tucked away in the corner of a lively part of Havana. This location is a magnet for tourists so try to be selective about when you arrive – there could be a wait if you’re banking on getting a table for more than two of you. If you have patience, it’s well worth a visit.


Extremely crammed, there was a little wait for a decent seat when we arrived. It might not have been the greatest time to visit because it was absolutely teaming it down with ran when we arrived so everyone was eager to get inside. A band serenaded the guests as is normal in Havana but there was definitely an increased vibrancy about this place with folk having dance offs outside! At one point I even got roped in……

If you go make sure you invest the 12 CUC for the cylinder of beer – only in choices of dark, light and black. We opted for the light option and although it wasn’t amazing this really was one of the times I’ve been most thankful for a sip of beer! The cylinder held 6 pints and was excellent value… we were definitely tipsy when we stumbled out. The food wasn’t great but to be honest we only found one decent place to eat in the whole of Havana – if you’re going to graze go for the skewers.

A few days later we took a long stroll to Cerveceria Antiguo Almacen de la Madera y El Tabaco, which is in the South East of Havana on the docks. As the name suggests this hanger style Microbrewery is situated in an old tobacco factory and has a pretty nifty looking taproom. After days sipping Cristal this place seemed like it was sent from heaven.

If you have time to visit one beer hot spot in Havana then choose this place. Although we arrived in the day where the atmosphere was more chilled, the set up  is certainly impressive.

Beer comes in light, medium and dark and when it arrived it was lovely and cold. If you love your snacks BBQ style, then the food offer here will be right up your street too.



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