Vintage Hair-Dos

The countdown is on to Swingamajig and I’m really stuck about what I should do with my hair for this amazing event! Incase you aren’t aware of the the crazy vintage inspired party that is Swingamajig – it’s a crazy vintage inspired party filled with music, dance, cabaret, walkabout, art installations and street food. This all takes place this Sunday (May 1st) at Birmingham’s Rainbow Venues – hence my hair preparation.

Vintage styles are always my go-to – well, if I have the time and inclination that is.
This weekend I’m sure there’ll be lots of gorgeous ladies bringing their hair A-game to the party, so I’ll need major help and inspiration.

To help me in my hour of need I’ve asked my buddy Jane, owner of Chez Titine (a vintage salon in Leamington Spa) for some handy hair tips that will ensure you get the perfect hairdo that stays in place all night when your shaken’ what ya momma gave ya!

Jane’s Tips

1) Always start with nice, clean sections and have a strong idea of what style you want to create.

2) We dust the hair with a root lift/volumising/plumping powder. This makes the hair more gritty in texture making it much easier to back comb and gives your Up-do/Victory Rolls/Beehive super Longevity.

3) “Its all in the Backcombing!!!”

We take relatively small sections, hold them up and backcomb with a pintail comb. Spray each section first and use small, even strokes working your way to the ends of the hair. (No matter how long your hair is, you should be able to get it to stand up)

chez titine vintage hair beehive
backkcombing heaven
4) Smooth over the backcombing using a back combing brush or a bristle brush, this will leave the backcombing inside the section intact.

5) When using your bobby pins to secure your rolls/beehives/French twists etc, the Jaggedy edge, (commonly thought of as the top of the Bobby pin) is actually the side which needs to go against the scalp. This secures it better. Always have a thin layer of hair over the pins so they can’t be seen.

Victory rolls by chez tutine vintage salon
v for victory rolls

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