My Hollywood Moment


I’ve been lucky enought to visit Hollywood on a few occasions now and even though many of my fellow buddies loathe Hollywood Blvd I am bedazzled by it’s themepark like appeal. I love sitting in a nearby diner and seeing an Elvis impersonator walk by with his friend Spiderman!

Last time I visited it was oh so different. Why? I hear you cry. Well I braved the Walk of Fame wearing just my Pinup Girl Clothing Marilyn Swimsuit….

Who knows if it was the sun baking my brain or the dare from my boyfriend issued me? Well I ripped my denims off and did it anyway!


Now to the details on the swimsuit. I promise that I didn’t plan to buy this lovely specimen but I became enamoured with it when I visited the Pinup Girl Clothing Burbank store. For me, it was a choice between the pink or red and I debated this lots by trying them on several times!

Just like its namesake, this swimsuit is as glamourous as hell. There wasn’t going to be chance to debut it near any water so I decided to pair it with some denim shorts for daywear and to be honest I’ll probably do this again to get more wear out of it. I sized down in this costume because the medium bagged a little on me and I wanted the costume to be tigher.


Ruffles aren’t usually my thing for fear of them making me look odd, however this swimsuit is divine and the colour is equally as striking in real life. Hopefully I’ll get to bust it out again when I visit Florida – UK weather is pretty unpredictable at times though 😉

Rockin’ Mel’s Drive In

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