It’s nearly time for Swingmajig!

Last year I was absolutely gutted that I couldn’t make it to Swingamajig in Birmingham – I totally had epic FOMO as a result. This year I might not make it all the way to Viva Las Vegas but this is one party I won’t be missing.

Swingamajig combines: dance, music, cabaret, art installations, street food and performance – all under the guise of some uber sophisticated vintage party! It’s all happening over six stages at the Rainbow venues 1st May so there’s plenty of time to prep what to wear.

Richard Hadley Swingamajig  General No Logo-86.jpg

Introducing…Kitty BangBang

I, for one am a bit of a burlesque fiend after seeing Dita at the Crazy Horse Paris and I can’t wait to see Kitty BangBang shake her thang at Swingamajig. This girl has heaps of attitude and I can’t wait to see her live. I’m also gagging to see The Carny Villains – a six piece circus show band who’ll be churning out some stomping swing and ska with a little bit of punk energy.


Although last year the outfits on show were very ‘flapper’ from the ladies, with a few top hats thrown in for the boys, this party isn’t just for fans of vintage style. There’s plenty of other crazy things like Balkan Beat Box (BBB) who blend Balkan brass, earth shattering bass, hip-hop and dub electronics to exhilarating effect. As a fan of the electronic beat I’ll be looking out for Corey Baker Dance who’ll be bringing to life a very British icon – the phone box with a thrilling dance and a wacky digital sound-score. Cray cray.

Grab your tickets now here – they’re currently £25 so quickkkkk! Swingamajig starts at 2pm and runs until the early hours so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


So, what to wear? 

As a curvy gal with an hourglass figure, the 1920s look isn’t one I favour. I really am flummoxed about what to wear…..should I go for a Pinup Girl Clothing number or a vintage dazzler? Help a girl out!

I can’t wait to take photos of all the cool outfits and meet some of you there. Keep your eyes on my InstagramTwitter , and Snapchat (craftbeerpinup) to see what’s happening at the event. There’ll even be vintage stalls at the event so you can even stock up on extra threads there too.

If you’re looking for outfit inspiration fear not, heres a few links to places where you can bag yourself some cool threads quickly:

  • Heaven Vintage, Fargo Village (Coventry) – If you’re in the Midlands then get your arse to this Vintage dream of a place. Although you can visit its online ASOS shop, there’s heaps of one-off glittery garms for ladies here. Think sequins, flapper, glamorous maxi-dresses, feathers and all out Hollywood glamour-galore! Boys, there’s also some swanky suits and sharp shirts here for the taking too! Visit here for more inspiration and to speak to Heaven’s owner, Angela who’ll be able to find you something suitable to wear for the event – she rocks!
  • Cow Vintage, Birmingham –To say I’ve brought a lot from here over the years is an understatement! Put your flat shoes on and spend a few hours riffling through its rails, your bound to bag something incredible. Find out more here about how to find it or shop in its online store.
  • Tatyana – This online shop is fabulous, albeit more pricey than some. As it’s based in America you’ll have to pay import duty my dears, unfortunately. Great news though – there’s a nifty sale on, so stifle those excuses and make the most of it. There’s some awesome men’s bowling shirts on sale, as well as some delicious dresses like the ‘Play Me’ dress – wow.
  • Collectif – I’m currently obsessed with their check pattered items (just look at my Instagram for proof), however there’s slinky dresses galore in its online store. The Ingrid Fishtail dress is currently on sale at under £45 – get it while you can, it’s a showstopper.
Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 16.15.51
The Ingrid Fishtail Gown – Collectif Clothing
  • Deadly is the Female – although based miles away in Frome, there’s an online store to feed my shopaholic urges. If you fancy a wiggle dress, then indulge that urge right here. It stocks some of my favourite lust-worthy brands like: Pinup Girl Clothing, Pretty Dress  Company and Stop Staring. 
  • Lindy Bop – this purse friendly site sends me into a tailspin. There’s swing, prom, wiggle, tea, jive and all other dresses in between. I’m debating over the ‘Marilyn Blush Swing Dress’ and the ‘Ariel Green Fishtail Dress’ as we type – both come in at £30!

Gems from Heaven Vintage below….


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