My love for Lindy Bop

I’ve always purchased online mainly from Pinup Girl Clothing, preferring to stick to purchasing real vintage due to being romanced by the back story that comes every garment.

The Dress Haul!

In December, I ordered a my first Lindy Bop haul, reasoning that I should at least give them a try. For those new to the world of Lindy Bop the brand only began in 2011 with the aim of providing ladies like you and I with affordable vintage inspired garments.

I’d been put off Lindy Bop by some blogger reports that the quality left a lot to be desired, however I was pleasantly surprised. The dresses I purchased both came in around the £20 mark and to be honest I wasn’t expecting miracles as this price point is just above Primark prices!

So what did i purchase I hear you cry? Well due to my new pink hair do I was wooed by the ‘Vanessa’ Polka Dot Pink Wiggle Dress and the equally colourful ‘Vivi Pink Rainforest Floral Dress’. Oh and I thought I’d try out one of the petticoats in Candy Pink as during the sale it was a bargainous £6.99!

The Vanessa dress was the one I was most dubious about, purely because the boob area looked a little loose when I’d seen it on lovely ladies on Instagram. This dress fits like a glove – I’ll definitely be investing in more. As for the Vivi dress, I purchased it in a size 12 and although it fits perfectly everywhere, it’s waist is slightly high for me – however I am 5ft 9 so this could be why.

Anyway, don’t be put off ladies, give Lindy Bop a whirl. There’s often sales – so go grab a bargain and brighten up those cloudy UK dreary days with a splash of colour.

*As with all online shopping, please check your sizing measurements before you order as returns are costly as I’ve learned the hard way.

Lindy Bop & Craft Beer – the perfect combo




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