May the force beer with us – Star Wars Celebration Craft Beer Roundup 

The countdown is on to Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim and like every other trip I go on, I’m planning my craft beer hot spots to visit. 

As pairings go, beer and Star Wars is a magical pairing – if you need proof of this, please take a moment to read the comprehensive Generation Skywalker Blog detailing some Star Wars and beer history and collabs that span the entire galaxy. 

Since I appeared as a guest on two Generation Skywalker shows about Star Wars beers, I’m now bordering on obsessed. My collection of Star Wars beers is growing!

At the last Celebration in Chicago this obsession went into hyper-drive. Tiny Rebel kindly gave me a box of ‘Imperial Stay Puft’ (the Salted Caramel edition) to give away to beer fans and they were like gold dust and valuable as trades for Star Wars swag. To add to this, one of the best things I attended was the bottle share hosted at a homebrew place (can’t remember exactly where) but it was super awesome to share stories and sip seriously coveted beers from around the world. I am so excited to make some more firm beer friends that appreciate Star Wars at this year’s Celebration, so I wanted to put together a little beer breakdown of what’s happening for any Star Wars craft beer fan attending. 

This blog also acts as one extension to the Fresh Hops podcast Celebration special episode I was a featured guest on – listen here.

What’s hoppening in Anaheim?

There are three main events of note for beer lovers that I know of right now. Feel free to send others my way and I’ll add them to this rundown and share the love.

Hop Wars – A Star Wars Celebration After Party 

When: Saturday 28th May 7-9pm 

Where: Rad Beer, 1301 S Lewis St, Anaheim, CA 92805

RSVP by joining the Facebook Event.

Update: I’m now a co-host of the above event and we’ll be doing a can and bottle trade afterwards, where guests are invited to bring along beers from their favourite craft breweries to exchange for something from another part of the galaxy – and if they are one of the rising number of Star Wars themed beers, even better!

RSVP and show your beers before you land in our Facebook event.

Christian Macht’s ‘Machtails from the Cantina’  

When: Sunday 29th May 6pm 

Where: Unsung Brewery, 500 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

How much craft beer can I sip near the Convention Centre?

I’ve got you covered. I’ve marked up 27 breweries/taprooms near the Convention Centre (see home icon).

I’ve created an interactive Google Map detailing all the craft beer hot spots! I’ve grouped the breweries together that are near to each other in a certain area and colour coded them for ease. There’s then one rogue category of breweries (in orange) that are over 30 minutes walk or over 5 minutes drive from any other brewery.


Below, there’s a handy list of each area detailing each brewery’s address, a sentence or two about their vibe, as well as their website link so you can go check them out before you visit and view their menus (tap list and food if available).

I’ll be in Anaheim from Wednesday so I plan to do a few hot spots on my map Wednesday and Thursday evening if anyone wants to join in? Drop me a comment or send me a DM on my Instagram if you want to join in.

Happy drinking either way. 

AREA 1 Rundown

All-American Brew Works, 5120 E La Palma Ave unit 103

Opening Hours: Mon-Wed: 11am-8pm, Thurs/Fri: 11am-10pm, Sat: 12pm-10pm, Sun: 12pm-8pm

Tell me more: All-American Brew Works is a veteran owned and operated craft brewery, founded by family and friends, brewing in their garage, with a passion for great American style beers that we wanted to share with our local community.

Beer I have my eye on: Storm The Beach, American Red Ale w/ fresh shaved with Coconut.

Find out more:

Stereo Brewing, 950 S Vía Rodeo, Placentia

Stereo Brewing image courtesy of their website

Opening Times: Mon-Thurs: 4-10pm, Fri/Sat: 12-11 pm, Sun: 12-8pm

Tell me more: music and beer fans unite, this sounds like the place for you! They seem to favour the ho-forward beers and according to their website the team wants you to “bring your vinyl, friends, family, hop heads and audiophiles, but leave the Journey records at home.” 

Beer I have my eye on: As a massive fan, I’ll certainly be sipping Kraftwerk​ a Kölsch​ 5.0%.

Find out more:

The Beer Co, 3910 East Coronado Street Suite g

Beer.Co image taken from their website.

Opening Hours: Only open Sat 4-10pm 

Tell me more: I’m gonna totally squeeze in a visit here the Saturday of celebration if I can – this Nano Brewery intrigues me and was recently in Orange Coast Magazine’s ‘Best of’ feature, so explore I will. The taproom has 13 rotating faucets and you can take in outside food which is an added bonus!

Beer I have my eye on: Who knows, we’ll find out on the day and I’m totally down with that! 

Find out more:

Brewery X, 3191 East La Palma Ave. 

Image taken from the @brewery_x instagram page

Opening Hours: To-go :Monday-Sunday 11am-10pm, Dine in: EVERYDAY 11am-Midnight

Tell me more: According to their website, “the X represents and is about crossing paths, coming to a juncture and ending up where you want to be.” I can totally get on board with that!   

Beer I have my eye on: ‘Slap & Tickle’ West coast IPA, CCBC Gold winner – sound like it will be perfect with a grilled cheese sandwich off their menu. 

Find out more:

Bottle Logic Brewing, 1072 N. Armando St. 

Opening Times: 12:00 – 10:00pm daily.

Tell me more: From their instagram this place looks Star Wars friendly – they did a whole load of beers for their very own ‘Wookie Week’, I’m just praying I can still get to taste some!

Beer I have my eye on: Prodigal Physics (2020) Imperial / Double Milk Stout (14.17% abv). Also hoping I can get my hands on the ‘The Mangolorian’ on draft if they still have it!

Find out more:

Phantom Ales, 1211 N Las Brisas St, Anaheim

Opening Hours: Sun-Wed: 12 –9pm, Thurs: 12 – 10pm, Fri-Sat: 12– 11pm

Tell me more: This is a tiny establishment / home brew place that changes their tap list on a daily basis. They have intrigued me, so will definitely visit. 

Beer I have my eye on: Unsure yet – will see what’s available on the day!

Find out more:

The Bruery, 717 Dunn Way, Placentia

Opening Times: Mon-Thurs: 12-10pm / Fri-Sat: 12pm-12am / Sun: 12- 8pm

Tell me more: Taste over Style! This really sums up our brewing philosophy. We never shoot for a specific style, instead we let taste act as our compass. We take our inspiration from the culinary world, traditional beer styles, natural ingredients, vineyards and even junk food, but wherever that journey takes us – taste is our guide.

Beer I have my eye on: Actually I have my eyes on so many! I’ll choose these two for starters though… ‘Mash PB&J’ Barleywine (10.4% abv), and the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barleywine Style Ale w/ Boysenberry, Peanuts, and Salt.

Find out more:

Asylum Brewing, 2970 E La Palma Ave ste d

Opening Hours: Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat 2pm-10pm Sun 2pm-8pm

Tell me more: ok so their website says the following and I’ll leave you with this: 
“THERE’S MORE THAN ONE REASON, BUT EVERYTHING TIES UP NICELY AS FOLLOWS: Danvers Hospital in Massachusetts was originally built as a zero restraint hospital for 400 mentally ill and criminally insane people. Google ‘Danvers Hospital’ and start your journey down the rabbit hole…..”

Beer I have my eye on: Monster’s Never Die West Coast IPA (see the nifty artwork above)…

Find out more:

Juniper & Morgan, 350 E Orangethorpe Ave unit 4, Placentia

Opening Hours: Wed/Thurs: 3-11pm, Fri/Sat: 12-12, Sun: 12-9pm

Tell me more: this micro-brewery is a female owned family run business – whoop!

Beer I have my eye on: ‘Don’t Wake the bees’ – Honey Pale Ale.

Find out more:

Broken Timbers Brewing Company, Voit la palma corporate park, 2910 E La Palma Ave Suite D, Anaheim

Opening Hours: Tues-Thurs: 3pm-9pm, Fri: 3pm-11pm, Sat: 12pm-11pm, Sun: 1pm-6pm

Tell me more: can’t find a lot about this brewery in terms of what their vibe is so I’m keen to find out. 

Beer I have my eye on: ‘Nutty Pleasures’ Marzipan Porter Porter (6.6% abv).

Find out more:

Duelling Ducks Brewing Co. 3150 E La Palma Ave Suite G, Anaheim

Opening Times: Wed/Thurs: 4pm – 9pm, Friday: 4pm – 10pm, Sat: 12pm – 10pm, Sun: 12pm – 7pm

Tell me more: Duelling Ducks Brewing Company is an independent microbrewery in Anaheim, CA run by a father and son duo, Dennis and Daniel (who have been making beer together for years). 

Beer I have my eye on: Bodhi Buddy Coffee Blonde Ale Blonde Ale w/ Bodhi Leaf coffee (5.6% abv).

Find out more:

AREA 2 Rundown

Karl Strauss Brewing Company, 2390 E Orangewood Ave #100

Opening Times: Sunday-Friday 11am – 10pm, Sat: Until 11pm

Tell me more: Award-winning, Independent, San Diego craft brewery outpost serving lots of magical foods flavoured with beer to wash it down with. I will definitely be getting the beer pretzels. 

Beer I have my eye on: Anything from their barrel-aged anniversary collection!

Find out more:

Golden Road Brewing Anaheim, 2210 E Orangewood Ave

Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11am-9pm, Fri-Sat: 11am-11.30pm. Happy Hour: Mon-Fri: 2.30-5.30pm 

Tell me more: Founded in 2011, Golden Road exclaims that it “represents those laid-back days in the sun with your friends and family – waves crashing on the beach, sand between your toes, and plenty of good vibes to go around.” I like that they give a nod to sustainability on their website and their food looks pretty good to. 

Beer I have my eye on: ‘Ride on 10 Hop’ Hazy IPA, , made for their 10-year anniversary. With hops selected from as far away as Australia and New Zealand, they have apparently created a deliciously complex but smooth IPA. Big, juicy, and full of flavor! “10 signature hops. 1 smooth ride.”

Find out more:

Noble Ale Works, 1621 Sinclair St, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States

Opening Times: 𝗠𝗼𝗻𝗧𝗵𝘂𝟰-9 𝗣𝗠𝗙𝗿𝗶𝗦𝗮𝘁𝟯 𝗣𝗠𝟭𝟮 𝗔𝗠𝗦𝘂𝗻𝟯𝟴 𝗣𝗠

Tell me more: A variety of full-flavored beers offered at a microbrewery & tasting room in an industrial area. Looks very sports orientated. They were named in the craft beer #metoo movement so I’ll be getting in touch to see what’s happened since before I visit.

Beer I have my eye on: Couldn’t actually tell or read about the beers from their website so no idea! 

Find out more:

Brewheim, 1931 E Wright Cir

Opening Hours: Mon – Thur: 4pm – 10pm, Fri: 4pm – 12am, Sat: 12pm – 12am, Sun: 12pm – 9pm

Tell me more: “Heim” means home, and that’s how I want to feel when I’m sipping beer to be honest so this place is selling it to me! They are a family of beer makers that are passionate about creating craft beers using the freshest ingredients possible. All their phrases on their website screams community and inclusivity to me – bravo! 

Beer I have my eye on: ‘Detox’ Blonde Ale (4.5% abv) – a blonde ale with apple, lemon, ginger and wheatgrass – sounds like a wild ride! I’ll also be ending the night with on of their many Barleywine offerings including ‘Patience’ Buffalo Trace (Batch 1), at 15.3% this will be the perfect closer. 

Find out more:

Rad Beer Company, 1301 S Lewis St, Anaheim

Image courtesy of Rad Beer’s website

Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs: 3-9pm, Fri-Sat: 12noon-10pm, Sun: 12noon – 8pm 

Tell me more: Rad Beer Co. embodies Southern California culture with a lively, unpretentious ambiance, the aesthetic of a ‘90s skate shop and beloved record store, and a legit soundtrack to fit the vibe. Join us here at this amazing venue for the Hop Wars event Saturday evening at 7-9pm! 

Beer I have my eye on: unsure as couldn’t find a list eek, but sure I’ll try loads at the event.

Find out more:

Gunwhale Ales Brewery and Taproom, 1501 W Orangewood Ave, Orange

Opening Times: Thurs: 3-8pm, Fri: 3-10pm, Sat: 12–10pm, Sun: 12-9pm 

Tell me more: it houses our 20 HECTOLITRE brewhouse by Craftwerks, our cellar and canning line, and our clean/spirits barrel aging program. Please visit our Taproom — 24 taps, Projection TV, dart boards and outdoor beer garden

Beer I have my eye on: two on the current taplist catch my eye. ‘RASPBERRY SOIREE, Ruby red color, Raspberry, hibiscus and subtle saison yeast characteristics of clove and spice and ‘Bonanza’ a coffee cream ale made with Thunderking cold brew.

Find out more:

Chapman Crafted Ales, Old Towne Orange123 N Cypress St.Orange, CA 92866

Open Hours: Mon:12- 8pm, Tues:12-9pm, Wed/Thurs:12-10pm, Fri/Sat:12-11pm, Sun:12-8pm

Tell me more: This is a local family-owned, community-focused brewery committed to making well-crafted beers utilizing the highest quality ingredients and brewing processes. Inspired by their surroundings of history, craftsmanship, and community they strive to produce beer that is focused on flavor and freshness.

Beer I have my eye onDraftwerk Lager – Munich Dunkel

Find out more:

Area 3 Rundown

Unsung Brewing Company, PALATE SANCTUARY NO. 001, 500 Anaheim Blvd Unit B 

Opening Hours: Mon/Tue: 4P-10p, Wed/Thurs: 2P-10P, Fri/Sat: 12P-12A, Sun: 12P-8P

Tell me more: Any brewery that is a “comic-book brewery” is a friend of mine! The place looks like beer geek heaven and founder Mike Crea founded the brewery on the premise of creating “beers of uncanny flavour and depth that play well with food”. We are brewers who think about flavors when we create. I love that every descriptor on their website has comic book references and each beer has a backstory…

Beer I have my eye on: this beer description sounds epic!!! “ANTHIA is any alien scout sent from the jungle planet Lupulus [Apoidea System] to earthen 1978 to find new strains of flora. After an extreme blight erased all life on her home planet, she was rendered a refugee. A humanoid with features similar to earth’s pollinating insects, ANTHIA uses her super powers of flight, energy aura, and hyper strength to protect threatened ned habitats in the Americas. She is occasionally spotted hovering through mango groves, spreading pollen”

Find out more:

Modern Times Leisure town, 449 south Anaheim Blvd

Opening Hours: Sun: 11am-10pm,  Mon:11am-10pm, Tues: Closed, Wed/Thurs: 11am-10pm, Fri/Sat: 11am-11pm  

Tell me more: I was torn whether to feature MT, because of their role in the Craft Beer #metoo movement. It does seem like they are taking some accountability but I’m not totally clear what’s been done since this article in Jan 2022 on Westword: have a read for yourself. I’ll definitely get in touch with them to understand more before I visit in a few weeks. 

More about the location for you though…

Part brewery, part restaurant, part cafe, part swim club, part botanical wonderland, Leisuretown catapults each guest through the stratosphere of luxury and into a dimension of epic and abiding chillness. Prepare to set sail on a sprawling, 33,000-square-foot party-cruiser that includes a full-scale production brewery surrounded by a breath-taking beer garden, a swanky pool area, multi-story outdoor seating, a beautifully renovated historic 3-story craftsman home, and a dizzying array of palate-enchanting delights. Over 70 taps pour a selection of mind-shatteringly tasty beers and ciders, brewed both on-site and at their San Diego, DTLA, and Portland breweries.

Beer I have my eye on: totally the Modem Tones, Coconut Cake Edition Barrel-Aged Stout. However, I’ll get a flight because why not!? 

Find out more:

Monkish Brewing, Beer Garden, 336 S Anaheim Blvd. Anaheim, CA 92805 (Located at/outside the Anaheim Packing District) 

Opening Hours: MON/TUE/WED 12-9p, THU 12-10p, FRI/SAT 12-11p (new closing hours), Sun12-8pm

Tell me more: Honestly their beers are like gold dust in the UK so I’m there with bells on!!! This is their second spot and it’s 5 mins in an uber from the Convention Centre so I think I’ll move in for a whole day! If you want to explore more and get a tour of their primary place it’s in Torrence (about 45 mins drive) if you have a spare day on your hands and love beer. I’ll be trying to sqeeze in a tour. 

Beer I have my eye on: all of them!!! If I have to pick three, it will be these from the current list: ‘Seme Della Vita’, tripel w/ pistachios & vanilla beans (9.8% abv) and ‘JXVIAL’, a 10th anniversary double dry hopped double IPA w/ a blend of Madagascar, & Uganda vanilla beans (8.0% abv), I also so want to try their take on an English Dark Mild too! 

Find out more:

Radiant Beer Co, 1566 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim

Opening Hours: Mon/Tues: 4 – 9pm, Wed/Thurs: 4 – 10pm, Fri/Sat: 12 – 11pm, Sun: 12 – 8pm, Happy Hour! $1 off select pints Mondays *all night* and Tuesdays – Thursdays from 4 – 6pm.

Tell me more: Established in 2020, Radiant Beer Co. has a “culture focused on openness and connection” bravo! It’s owned and operated by an amalgamation of craft beer lovers and industry veterans, with decades of combined experience.

Beer I have my eye on: I am definitely getting a Frozen Flight – I never had one and this sounds like a dream filled with beer sulshies and soft serves! 

Area 4 Rundown

Raymond Ave Brewing Co, 1755 Raymond Ave, Anaheim

Opening Times: Friday 3pm – 9pm, Saturday 3pm – 10pm.

Tell me more: This looks like a little cosy nano-brewery that often has some delish food choices on to pair with your beer.

Beer I have my eye on: I’ll probably go for a flight!

Find out more:

Bootlegger’s Brewery Tasting Room, 130 S Highland Ave Fullerton

Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm, Fri: 11am-midnight, Sat: 11am-midnight

Tell me more: Bootlegger’s Brewery grew out of the local craft beer community and has remained focused on purveying the highest quality beer to their neighbours. Their motto is: “Drink Fresh, Drink Local”.

Beer I have my eye on: Far Out IPA (Thai Tea) IPA.

Find out more:

Breweries over 5 mins drive / 30+ mins walk from any others

Green Cheek Beer Co. 2294 N Batavia St unit c, Orange,

Opening Hours: (Tasting room / patio) Mon-Wed: 5-10pm, Thurs/Fri: 5-11pm, Sat: 11am-11pm, Sun: 11am-10pm. (Drive Through) Every day: 11am–8pm

Tell me more: a small, independent brewery that is owned and operated by two friends who really love beer and the community it creates. They also have their Code of Conduct front and centre on their website so this place sounds like a safe space for all and I’ll definitely be visiting. 

Beer I have my eye on: ‘Just Two Things… Citra & El Dorado’ a DDH Hazy DIPA and ‘Spinning the Elaborate Yarn’ pictured.

Find out more:

Ballast Point Brewing Anaheim, 1540 S Disneyland Dr. #201

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm

Tell me more: “Where Science Meets Art” according to their website. If you haven’t heard of Ballast Point you’ve been living under a rock, they’ve been going strong since 1996! They are one of the primary breweries represented at Galaxy’s Edge too – I’ll hopefully be sipping their ‘White Wampa’ Ale from a rancor tooth soon (fingers crossed).

Beer I have my eye on: Speedboat Salt & Lime Blonde – 4.5% abv 

Find out more:

Beachwood Brewery Taproom, SteelCraft 12900 Euclid St., Garden Grove, CA 92840

Opening Hours: Sun-Thur – 11:30am-9pm, Fri & Sat – 11:30am-10pm ** Hours subject to change pending food vendors.

Tell me more: I couldn’t find an awful lot about this brewery except the fact they have a rather epic Blendery in Long Beach which is a geeky quest to recreate the Lambic style beers of Belgium. So hoping we can sample some of those as they sound incredible! 

Beer I have my eye on: The lambics if possible and the HAYABUSA, Japanese-Style Lager

Tell me more:

Bearded Tang Brewery, 12885 Beach Blvd #23, Stanton

Opening Hours: 11am-10pm Mon-Thurs; 11am-11pm Fri-Sat; 11am-10pm Sun

Tell me more: Based 17 mins drive from the convention centre, this place could actually be worth it as it’s award winning and they seem to have good hearts too!

Beer I have my eye on: ‘Dream Street’ IPA, an Imperial IPA brewed in collaboration with @oldstandbybrewing@lincmalt@yakimavalleyhops, and @imperialyeast that will benefit Dream Street Foundation, a charity that provides camping programs for children and young adults with chronic, life-threatening, and often terminal illnesses. 

Find out more:

1 Response

  1. Recommendations wise, mostly depends on what you’re going for, some are kinda ‘known for’ certain types. The La Palma beer trail is always solid, starting around Phantom going through to All American/Honey Pot.
    Barrel aged stout wise: Bottle Logic, Bruery, Modern Times are your big hitters for the area
    Light/crisp: Brewery X, Radiant, Green Cheek
    IPA: Green Cheek, Monkish, Radiant
    In reality there’s good stuff in each of the areas you’ve broken down, and everyone has a solid selection of types at each brewery. I would say your Area 1 and Area 3 have my personal favorites in them overall.
    If you go down as far as All American, I’m going to do a bit of promo for some friends, but Honey Pot Meadery is right next door. They do meads and ciders. If you’ve never had meads before, you may want to give that a shot too. Might be a bit sweeter than you’re looking for, but more award winning stuff.

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