Star Wars fans, here’s the beer event you’ve been looking for

At the first sunrise of 2023, I told myself that instead of running to hide under a duvet despairing about how crap things really are right now (as is the tendency in January), I’d divert my efforts to shining a light on the one crucial thing that always makes everything a little bit brighter – community. 

I love beer and creating safe spaces to enjoy it in. It is something I’ve been focusing on for a while on my corner of the internet (and beer world). As an event organiser and social media manager, I’m passionate about building, growing and nurturing communities, so I’m always looking for ways I can bring people together, especially over a beer!

Star Wars Celebration will be held in London this Easter (7th-10th April) and what better way to mark the occasion than with a Star Wars-themed craft beer party and the launch of a very special, very limited collab brew from two of the UK’s most respected craft breweries: Emperor’s and BBNo (Brew by Numbers).

This is my third Star Wars Beer event, the first was an impromptu bottle share on a random industrial estate on the fringes of Chicago as part of Star Wars Celebration 2019 – I felt The Force. A connection of like-minded beer lovers from around the galaxy, bringing a beer they were proud of to sip and sharing their story of its importance really was a beacon of hope! What every rebellion needs. 

At the last Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim last year, I joined forces with Joey from the Fresh Hops podcast, along with Generation Skywalker to host an event at Rad Beer which was a revelation. Luckily positioned in the diary not long after May 4th, everyone brought Star Wars themed beers to trade and take home in their suitcases. Here’s a little taster video so you can see what it was like. 

So, in the spirit of that tradition, I wanted to orchestrate another opportunity for craft beer and Star Wars to collide in which will be the third Celebration fringe beer event, held at 7pm on Saturday 8th April at BBNo, Mordern Wharf, Greenwich

Unlike the previous two events, we have a beer collab that will excite the whole galaxy – Emperors and BBNo will produce an exclusive brew for the occasion. Fans of the darkside will be happy as it is going to be an exquisite imperial stout, of course! This event will be the exclusive launch for the beer – one you won’t want to miss! I, for one, am counting down the days till I get to try it. 

You can get your hands on this exclusive collab beer at the launch event on April 8th at 7pm (till late). Tickets are £7.50 and include 1 x 250ml can of 421 and a half pint of Session IPA to sip at the event!

Grab your tickets here:…/a-galactic-get-together…

Star Wars podcast Generation Skywalker are co-hosting the event with me – expect giveaways, out of this world beer, and some special guests. I can’t wait – I’m already picking out which beers to bring for the swap… more on that later.

If you’re coming along, please RSVP and join in the event discussion on Facebook if you can:

If you want to learn more about the history of all the ways Star Wars and Beer intertwine, check out this amazing blog from Generation Skywalker. It’s incredible!

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