Visiting Sierra Nevada

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I’m so enamoured with learning that I even visit breweries on my holidays. On my visit to California in April, I booked in a tour at Sierra Nevada Brewery.

I was introduced to its Pale Ale by my work colleague, Leigh who gave me my first sip of the beer that would become our Friday night after work staple for certain members of team Vital at The White Horse.

The tour at Sierra Nevada was free. FREE I tell you. In the opening minutes one of the brewery’s ‘beer geeks’ immerses you in all things Sierra Nevada and even give you a tasty sample of pale ale to start the proceedings.

The video introduction detailed the brewery’s humble beginnings with founder, Ken Grossman and family culture embedded at its heart, it also introduced its newest beer set to take the American market by storm – Hop Hunter. A video intro may sound like a cop out, however it perfectly set the tone of the tour with a subtle dose of American life and the passion that can be sampled in every drop of its beer.

Read the rest of this post on my other blog here. This is an old post but I thought you lovely beery peeps would love it.

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