Beer Lovers Gift Guide

Unsure what to get the beer lover in your life? 

Or fancy treating yourself because 2020 is an absolute shit show?

Either way, I’ve got your back. 

I’ve looked through lots of brewery merch shops online to collate a mini hit-list of beery gifts for the festive season. On top of this, there’s lots of amazingly talented indie sellers that also sell and ship worldwide – both the weird and the wonderful are covered here. 

If you know any other cool businesses that sell beer gifts, or if you actually sell some amazing items that will fill us all with hoppiness, please drop them below in the comments too. I’d love to keep adding to the blog.

Gifts from UK Breweries

  1. Thornbridge Beer Socks – £10

Socks are a main stay of UK gifting and you’ll be delighted to know that you can grab some Christmassy ones from my friends at Thornbridge which are festive and delightful.

2. Wild Beer Barrel Staves – £10 for 3

This idea is pretty cool! Wild Beer are offering you chance to bring home some of the oak that their beers were aged in.

The decommissioned barrels are taken apart leaving us with the incredible wood from the staves. These are perfect for chipping to use for smoking food or Barbecuing to create some amazing flavours, they are also brilliant for oak ageing your own home brews! You could even use them as decorations, be it door handles, light holders, or other amazing creations!

3. Toast ‘Inbread’ Moonshine – £39.50 for 500ml

At 44% ABV this clear spirit is most akin to an unaged whisky. When one of Toast’s biggest customers, the ExCeL London convention centre had to cancel their order for kegs (a small matter of being transformed into London’s NHS Nightingale Hospital), Toast decided partner with Greensand Ridge Distillery to distill the beer into an ‘Eau-de-vie de Bière’ instead of wasting it! 

P.S. Every purchase of Inbread Moonshine will fund 10 freshly-made hot meals for vulnerable families, helping to provide food for someone who might otherwise have skipped a meal.

4. Deya Tombolo Shirt – £70

Now this is a piece of pretty cool merch. I’m a massive fan of a Cabana style shirt and this collaboration between DEYA artist Thom Hobson and Tombolo shirt company (based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn) is banging! These are one-off pieces and available in limited quantities.  

Photos by:

5. Northern Monk Tracksuit set – £60

I don’t know about you but I’d happily where this while working from home! Comfortable and it’s mainly black which means when you drop snacks on yourself it won’t show up – boom!

6. Wylam Backpack – £45

This one pretty sharp looking backpack. With an 18L capacity and a padded laptop compartment it’s seriously practical too. I reckon you could fit a barrage of cans in it if you lost the laptop 😉

8. Support a brewery crowdfunder – £Up to you

Not only do you get an awesome gift but you’re also helping us expand our pretty awesome community at a time we all need support more than ever….here’s a few to get you started:

9. Fierce Flight Board Set – £25

As I can’t travel very far I might invest in one of these and pretend I’m back in Edinburgh last July – what a dream that was! As the Fierce website says: “now you can pretend your in the bar whilst your in the comfort of your own home.”

The set contains a wooden hop head flight board along with 4 x 1/3 craft master taster glasses all you’ll need to do is add the beer!

10. Halton Turner Beer Dispensers – From £20

With lockdown tiers being reviewed by the UK Government on a bi-weekly basis this would make a pretty sweet gift for anyone that’ll be missing some fresh draft.

Halton Turner offers three options for you to explore:

Then all you have to do is select your beer – prices from £60 for 20L.

Indie Sellers to check out

Ok so I did a pretty quick scour around Etsy and various search engines to find some cool beer related gifts for you to have a little nosey at and support.

Beer Wolves Glasswear – From £13.50

Beer Wolves is a “lifestyle brand” created by @hackneybeerwanker and @roar_beer (on IG) with a nod to some much needed inclusivity in craft beer aka everyone is welcome. 

The glassware is pretty sharp so what ya waiting for?

Appropriate Glasswear Face Mask – £12.50

Appropriate Glasswear is the brainchild of beer lover, Dave who runs @virtualpubclub (on IG) so you know you’re in good hands. At the moment there’s two funky masks available and each is made of super soft, skin friendly fabric with that uber important breathability. If that’s not enough there’s also a pretty awesome range of glassware available so you can be super stylish when you have your mask off for sipping too.


Hoppy Blossom Earrings by Green Tree Jewellery – £9.71

Made from sustainably sourced wood and 90% recycled display cards, these really are cute.

Buy now from Etsy

MolecularBliss Molecule Hops (humulone) Jewellery – from £103.70

A pricey option but genius and so creative! Humulone is the chemical found in hops and it is known as the beer molecule – hence the name of this range!

There’s a range of Stirling silver and Solid Gold pieces to choose from including rings, necklaces and tie clips. Each molecular structure also has birthstones added for extra customisation.

Check out the Etsy Store.

Pint of Beer Earrings by Lady Bees – £4.50

These are super cute and I think these might be a definite purchase for me to rock at a beer festival in future (please make it so). They are made from resin and come on sterling silver hooks.

Buy now from Etsy.

Other Gift Options….

Hand-poured candle in a stunning beer can by Stuck In London – £8

These are eco-friendly and quirky. You can choose from a limited series of hand-poured soy wax candles in up-cycled craft beer cans using the following premium oils: Crispy Cherry,  Sandalwood or Warming Cinnamon.

Buy from Etsy.

Beer Shirt Hawaiian Shirt from Express Shirts – £8.95

Comes in three colours and a multitude of sizes. You know I love Tiki so I had to throw this in!!!

Get it now from Etsy.

Housebound Boozehound Tee from Punks & Chancers – £25

With lockdown a reality of the next few months, invest in this tee and revel in being a stay at home booze fiend. Goes perfectly with a can of craft beer in hand!


I’ll keep adding to this blog….happy shopping!

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