Beer of the Week – 04.04.2016

The last few weeks you could say I’ve gone for some pretty crazy flavour choices for the title of ‘beer of the week’ so this week I’m choosing a good ‘ol golden blonde beer.

Amelia brewed by Park Brewery based in Kingston-on-Thames, England is a pretty great beer. We cracked open a bottle and shared it around in one of our many evening tasting sessions and everyone’s reactions were a universal “ohhhh that’s lovely”. Not all beer has to be dam right in your face ballsy with its approach. This one is like a new dependable friend that I’ll now turn to when I need a little bit of ‘school night’ sunshine in my life.

At 3.8% abc you can definitely quaff a few without feeling guilty. Its floral qualities combined with the citrusy notes were a welcome spring delight.

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