Beer of the Week -21.03.2016

I’ve been through an awful lot of amazing beer of late and I can’t believe I haven’t given this mighty beer the title of ‘Beer of the week’ yet!

Dark Star has a knack for producing great beers that my tastebuds are certainly thankful for. Yes, I know that Creme Brûlée and beer combined sounds remarkably sickly but damn, this beer is so good! As a milk stout it’s definitely smooth as hell, yet there’s something remarkable about this beer and I’m unsure whether it’s the fact that they managed to produce something that’d the potential to go oh so wrong.

This is so delicious that I stocked up on multiple cans. Vanilla and caramel flavours are obviously present as you’d expect but there were definitely tinges of coffee and a weirdly palatable custard taste. Dark Star brewed this ‘pudding in a glass’ with unfermentable lactose sugar, vanilla beans and plenty of roasted malts giving it a pleasantly sweet taste,  I actually managed the whole can with ease.

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