Beer of the Week 14.03.2016

To say I’d be waiting ages to get my hands on this beer is somewhat of an understatement! Every time I laid eyes on Instagram photos with proud people displaying this beer in all its glory I felt a slight twinge of beery jealousy.

Coconut is a flavour that I love but I really wasn’t sure that it would work with beer. After reading one review that stated: “it tastes like liquid bounty” (an awesome chocolate bar I absolutely love) the hunt for this beer intensified!


I managed to finally bag a can from We Brought Beer and I was patient enough to wait one evening before busting it open. Man, it was intoxicating. The swirls of cacao, the divine coconut and the smoothness of this choc-infused bad boy gave me the hit I’d been waiting for. It is like pudding in a can, but a frickin’ awesome pudding that you had in some amazing little restaurant on the other side of the world years ago, that you now reminisce about often (I do this a lot with amazing food / drinks).

This semi-sweet porter is rich yes, but not sickly. The chocolate flavour is sublime and is wrapped perfectly by the indulgent coconut flavour. This for me will certainly be like cat-nip – if you see any cans around grab them before I get there first! Oskar Blues yet again you’ve kicked ass with this beer!

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