Beer of the Week – 07.03.2015

 As a tea fan merely seeing the words earl grey on a label attracted me! This beer is phenominal – it has the quaint and rosey appeal of a lovely little old granny but with the ballsy attitude of her bolshy friend always proding people with her shopping trolley!

Just like one of my favourite teas it’s as aromatic but don’t think for one minute that this is a gimmick like the Rate Beer reviews lead you to believe. This beer is solid. Everytime I sipped it I was balled over by its complexity. During one sip I was transported back to my favoruite tea house in China with a enticing combination of earl grey blue flower teawith bergamot  orange and then the next sip my senses were awoken with spicy and citrus flavours. Considering this is 6.5% I almost felt saintly after drinking it like I oftent do after a herbal tea.

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