Pinup Girl Clothing – Jessica Dress

I’m going to be brutally honest – I’ve completly changed my mind about this dress! From partially been a bit down about it when it arrived, I’ve now ended up truly in love with it.

My Pinup Girl Clothing lust is getting a little out of hand and as soon as I laid eyes on the beautiful Ashlyn Coco wearing the houndstooth version on the website I was drooling. I ordered this in a pre-Christmas haul and it was definitely my first dress choice on my hitlist.

The day arrived when I opened the box and the fabric of the dress just felt a bit weird, by weird I mean a bit like waterproof fabric. It really wasn’t what I was expecting at all. Anyway, to cut a long story short I tried this dress on and it hugged every curve to say the least and well all my fears swept away down the drain (like the previous night’s beer reminents).

Fit wise it’s very stretchy but it doesn’t bag at all, which was the thing I was most skeptical about when ordering. If you’re thinking about purchasing this dress I’d certainly recommend going for a size down if you’re comfortably in your current PUG Clothing size. I normally order a medium, so I stuck to this because often my boobs are a little snug in this size anyway! The bottom of my dress is a little loose as a consequence but not so much that it ruins the streamlined effect of the dress. The fitted belt emphasises the bust and slimmed my waist so much that I didn’t feel any less glam after consuming birthday treats aplenty!

Ladies, I’m happy to say I was wrong to judge this dress on first impressions. The houndstooth version is striking and if you’re worried about being a bit boobilicious then you can team it with a cropped cardigan or even a soft jumper over the top and work the Jessica as a skirt.

If you’re considering whether to invest in the dress – DO IT!!!

Grab yours now from the site here.


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