Beer of the Week – 25.01.2016

siren mrs brown, coedo, anchor big leaf maple, craft beer pinup

Try-anuary has been just that – I’ve tried quite a few new beers and I’ve even developed an intense love for some of them.

Of course there’s been some old favourites which I threw into the mix like 13 Guns by Crafty Dan and some Coedo classics.

‘Beer of the Week’ this time was a hard call. Anchor Brewing’s Bigleaf Maple has become a bit of a hit in our house. Maple flavours are an attraction for me, I especially love a trickle of maple with my bacon and pancakes. It’s certainly easy to drink and although the maple flavours are subtle,  there’s a delicious complexity about this beer. Everytime I took a sip there was a slightly different taste – sometimes a tinge of sweetness, and other times a hoppy edge from the combination of Nelson Sauvin, Citra, and Cascade.

bottle mrs brown ale review craft beer pinup siren magic rock
Mrs. Brown takes the crown

The edge tipper this week had to be MRS. Brown, another maple tinged delight. Beers aged in Bourbon barrels tend to attract me and this one was no different. A collaborative brew between Siren and Magic Rock, it is flavoured with Pecan, Vanilla and Maple Syrup. Rich brown in colour and silky smooth to taste it’s definitely a winner. The flavours combined weren’t actually as sweet or sickly as I expected and the caramel malts are sublime.

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