“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.”
— Albert Einstein

I’m passionate about a lot of things including: Debbie Harry, robots, 1980s films / fashion and Daft Punk, just to name a few. This blog is about two things in particular that I love – Craft Beer and Pinup Style.

Mark my words I’m no professional commentator on either subject; there’s lots of lovely beer sommeliers such as Marverine Cole and Melissa Cole who can give you a way more qualified opinion on the subtle nuances of our favourite tipple. As for pinup style; I’d love to be as glamorous and groomed as ladies such as Dita Von Teese or my favourite old Hollywood dames like Marilyn but due to my ‘tomboy’ ways and clumsy demeanour I often end up with parts of my lunch in my hair (comes in handy when hungry later) or pen all over my hands from too much doodling!

I’ve worked with beer for the last five years and I’ve sipped and enjoyed it for a lot longer (thanks Dad). I love beer, so why not write about it? Anything that spreads the love is great in my book. Expect photos, reviews, interviews, and general chit chat on beery events.

I also have a passion for fashion and pinup style so why can’t I combine these things? Yes, as a Black Country girl I love a pint of Banks’s Mild on the odd occasion* but who’s to say I can’t sip it whilst wearing a full circle skirt, petticoat and cat’s eye makeup?

So, there you have it….hope you enjoy this little piece of the internet. 😉

Disclaimer *Before many of you get on your high horse and sigh whilst saying “Banks’s Mild is not craft beer” – I thought I’d add this little disclaimer to congratulate you on your opinion and say “so what, I like it!

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