Countdown to Craft Beer Rising

cbrHands up if you have tickets for this year’s Craft Beer Rising?

I can’t put my hands up because I’m typing, but I will be definitely be there after missing the last few. So if you’re going on Thursday evening then you might see me, so please do say ‘hi’.

I like Craft Beer Rising because it felt a bit manageable when I last went. Perhaps it’s because I went on a chilled night though and I’m betting things have really moved on alot since. Either way, every time I’ve been I’ve had a pretty darn good time. Including one time where I nearly missed my train after running down the road with a bin bag full of beer. (Long story!)

Looking at the brewery list for this year though, the term ‘manageable’ is really wide of the mark! In fact, there’s probably a bit too much on my hitlist. However, I’ve added a few breweries that I’m hoping to encounter for the first time below:

  • Mothership   an all-female brewery who will be launching and exhibiting their first brews at this year’s event.
  • Bianca Road – I need to get my first hit of their beer and I reckon I’ll start with the Tropical IPA.
  • Lickinghole Creek – an award-winning Farm Brewery from Virginia. Hopefully they’ll have lots of big tasty stouts on offer because the ones reviewed on Beer Advocate sound dreamy.
  • Blasta  I want The Cats Whiskers cream APA in my life right now.
  • 5 Barrel Project This one is cheating because obviously I’ve had beers from Black Sheep but technically this is a ‘creative project’ for them. One beer that is seriously making me salivate is Peanut Brittle Imperial Stout. Then there are also the other equally alluring beers they are bringing to CBR: Mango Milkshake IPA, Raspberry & White Chocolate Milkshake IPA and Limoncello Sour.
  • Frog Beer – This French brewery intrigues me. They’ve got some crazy beers like a Chipotle Chocolate Stout and a Pepper Saison but In all honesty, I’m veering toward the Ginger Twist, the ginger infused amber ale which has already racked up 7 awards!

This is all I can manage in terms of highlights until I can get my hands on the full beer list, however food wise I’ll be wearing expandable trousers so I can stuff my face with crispy fried jackfruit for Biff’s Jack Shack and all the vegetarian Kolkati rolls.

See you Thursday beer-fans or if you haven’t got a ticket for this year’s CBR then go, go, go because the Sat evening ones have already sold out!

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